Hi There!

We’re Bronwyn & Steve, the couple behind the lenses.

We’re two high school sweethearts who fell in love on the back porch of a cabin. We quickly got engaged & married when we were only 19, and spent our time together binge watching Lord of the Rings, reading Harry Potter, and eating ice cream. (All things we still do!) Now we’ve been together for 8 years and have 3 kids!

We photograph weddings and lifestyle portrait sessions in Knoxville, TN and beyond! We’re all about capturing life’s most transformative and sweet moments.


Quick Facts


I can often be found with my Kindle in hand reading a good fantasy book.

I watch This Is Us, The Bachelor, Masterchef.

Baking is my hobby – cakes, cookies, pies. YUM!

I love creating a beautiful classic black and white bridal portrait at every wedding.

I homeschool my kids & it’s tons of fun!

Quick Facts


I can cook anything, but southern comfort food is my specialty.

I collect Doctor Strange comics.

I can often be found with a cup of black coffee & my iPad in hand reading a good fantasy book.

I enjoy hanging out with the groom as he gets ready on the wedding day.

I’m a bread connoisseur

Our Family

We have 3 boys: Dominic, Graham & McKellen.

They are each named after actors in the Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit movies.

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